Industry Restrictions Fueled the Growth of a Unique Pharma Solution Provider in 2018

A Niche Pharma Solution Provider Celebrates Greater than 100% Growth for 2018 Despite Industry Restrictions

Eagle Solutions for Pharma (“Eagle SFP”) achieves greater than 100% growth for 2018.  Eagle’s growth was fueled by pharmaceutical industry access restrictions within the payer space that plagued this past year and continue to gain momentum. While traditional pharmaceutical commerce for branded medications and services has increasingly become more restricted due to copay accumulators, formulary exclusions, and many other factors, Eagle SFP completed close to 1 million transactions, in the areas of direct-to-patient sales, benefits investigations, prescription triages, prior authorizations, tier exceptions, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment prescription shipments. Eagle SFP’s unique business model is intended to be utilized to fill the channel gaps that have created obstacles for not only patients, but also health care providers.  While the past year presented several challenges for brand drug manufacturers, Eagle SFP’s unique business model thrived. This incredible growth affirms that providing alternative access outlets, with a home delivery option, is essential for a brand’s success as more therapy options become available.

In 2018, Eagle SFP on-boarded 26 new drug programs and increased employee count by 55% to accommodate the increases in volume. Early in 2018, Eagle SFP’s leadership recognized the market trends and sought out to invest in state-of-the-art pharmacy automation to increase capabilities and capacity. To kick off 2019 and meet volume demands, Eagle SFP’s new Linear Dispensing Unit will be installed, allowing for additional fulfillment capacity of greater than four times their current volume.

As brand pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to focus on patient access and affordability, Eagle SFP’s custom solutions provide for patient choice and access they are looking for.  This offers security to manufacturers and physicians in knowing that the intended product prescribed will get in the hands of their patients. Each Eagle SFP program is unique, utilizing a combination of their solution offerings including Manufacturer Direct, Reimbursement Services, Post-FDA Approval, Continuity of Care, Direct-to-consumer Fulfillment and Digital Therapeutics. As 2018 books are closed, Eagle SFP is trending to be a leader in the strategic access solutions space as payor coverage restrictions continue and more consumers take control of their well-being and choose alternative outlets for attaining the medications and therapies they need.

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